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Sight-Reading Methods and Electric Guitar Etudes
Presented by Chelsea Green and Philip Graulty

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Long-time musical collaborators Philip Graulty and Chelsea Green met while completing their master of music degrees at UCLA. In 2007, they co-founded the electric guitar octet Los Angeles Electric 8. As members of the octet, Graulty and Green toured the United States, performed in major music festivals and released three full-length albums.

Formed in 2019, the Graulty Green Duo performs original compositions featured in their newly designed pedagogical resources. Graulty’s in-progress resource explores electric guitar technique and its contemporary performance applications. Green’s open, online resource is designed to improve sight-reading for guitar in a way that is fun and effective.

Philip Graulty

Performer, Educator, Composer

Philip Graulty (M.M.) is an Adjunct Professor of Music at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona where he teaches music history, music industry studies and performance. He is founding director of the Ikat Quartet, a contemporary guitar ensemble, and co-director of Bridge to Everywhere, a new music collective that explores connections between diverse musical traditions.

Chelsea Green

Performer, Educator, Author

Chelsea Green (D.M.A.) is an Associate Professor of Music at the American University in Cairo where she teaches music history, theory and performance. As founding director of the Cairo Guitar Collective, she recently completed a full-length recording of new works by four prominent Egyptian composers. In September 2019, she expects to publish an open resource entitled Sight-Reading for Guitar: The Keep Going Method.


Teaching & Learning Sight-Reading for Guitar

Do you need to develop your student’s sight-reading on guitar? Or, do you desire to improve your sight-reading? This interactive workshop takes guitarists through the theoretical and practical elements of a free, online textbook and video series entitled Sight-Reading for Guitar: The Keep Going Method (To be published Sept. 2019 by the REBUS Community. The resource is in the final stages of development, which is why only few of the twenty-two units have been made available for viewing at this time.). At the conclusion of the two-hour long workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Learn techniques to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to sight-read in a fun and effective manner;
  • Understand how to use the resource’s twenty-two units to develop sight-reading from a beginner to an intermediate/advanced level;
  • Play many of the hundreds of original guitar duets included in the resource;
  • Engage with scholarship about sight-reading skill acquisition.

Participants must bring any type of six-string guitar in standard tuning and a sense of humor. This workshop is facilitated by resource’s author, Chelsea Green, D.M.A. Up to 24 guitarists may attend.

Teaching & Learning with Electric Guitar Etudes

Every year more compositions are scored for the electric guitar and it’s accoutrements. Steve Reich, Steve Mackey and Bryce Dessner are just a few of the many composers who are writing concert music for the instrument. This workshop attempts to address this phenomena by presenting four etudes for electric guitar and effects pedals designed to prepare guitarists for the exciting new world of contemporary guitar music. At the conclusion of the two-hour long workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Learn techniques needed to perform repertoire in the electric guitar canon;
  • Understand how to use time-based effects pedals to expand one’s sonic palette;
  • Play four etudes written for electric guitar and effects pedals;
  • Engage with scholarship about concert music for the electric guitar.

Participants must bring a six-string electric guitar in standard tuning, an amplifier and various time-based effects pedals (delay, echo, reverb, pitch transposer). This workshop is facilitated by the etudes’ composer, Philip Graulty, M.M. Up to 24 guitarists may attend.


Enjoy new and stylistically diverse music as the Graulty Green Duo premiers The Obelisks and Electric Etudes. The Obelisks are a collection of short guitar duets created by an international group of composers in styles ranging from classical Arab to American jazz to western avant-garde. These pioneering works were commissioned by Chelsea Green for inclusion in her open textbook and video series entitled Sight-Reading for Guitar: The Keep Going Method.

Composed by Philip Graulty, Electric Etudes (2019) is a collection of seven short works for solo electric guitar. Each piece borrows its theme from a work in the classical guitar canon and develops it through the use of various effects pedals. Electric Etudes is part of Graulty’s in-progress pedagogical resource, Electric Etudes: Techniques and Sounds for the Contemporary Guitarist.

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